Impressions of Cataclysm

Now that we are a couple of weeks into Blizzard's latest xpac, several guildies have had ample opportunities to run heroic dungeons and even raids. My first impression: Thank you Blizzard for new content. Whether you find the content challenging or just simple remakes of yesteryear's mechanics, you have to admit it's nice to finally have something "different" to do.

As with all things new, we have had a steady influx of new members. Even more surprisingly we have had several members from LSoD's rich past suddenly reappear. Myself included. Welcome back to all the members who thrived in the guild during my regime and a hearty HELLO to all the new soldiers. On behalf of the officers of the guild, we look forward to working with you all to build upon LSoD's MMO legacy.

Once the holidays have come and gone, the guild will be picking up steam in our endeavors to obtain new Shinies. This past week was just a glimpse of what is to come after the New Year as we were able to setup two 10man groups. Congratulations to the soldiers for bringing down our first Cataclysm boss: Halfus Wyrmbreaker. Unfortunately there were no screenshots because the allure of new Shinies just proved to be too mesmerizing.

For all potential recruits looking to join a well established guild with a rich history and stable membership, look no further than LSoD. As always, we are recruiting exceptional players looking to approach end game content with a more professional mindset rather than hardcore or casual.


Current Recruitment

We are currently recruiting the following classes for progression content.


As we move further into Cataclysm, our needs will change as will our recruitment.

As of 11/17/10