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lsdlogoThe Lost Soldiers of Darkness of Area 52 have been a guild now for over 12 years. Our origins stem back to Neverwinter Nights on AOL. Over the past 12 years our membership has grown by leaps and bounds. Each member who has come and gone has left their own impressions on the guild and its members.

The guild itself has spanned several games and as such, we have had several divisions. We have had a presence in games such as Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online.

To read about the history of LSoD with a touch of lore, please feel free to use the links above to navigate to our Lore page. You will also be able to use the links above to read the WoW division's charter.


About LSoD - General

Notice: This article is still under construction.


World of Warcraft Division Charter:

  1. Guild Motto
  2. Our Purpose
  3. Divisions
  4. Duties of Members / Guild Laws
  5. Disciplinary Actions
  6. Rankings
  7. Description of the Sponsorship / Apprentice Program
  8. Councils
  9. Specialized Ranks
  10. Specialized Units
  11. Raiding


About LSoD - General

Notice: This article is still under construction


Guild History/Lore



"When the weak are suppressed, they will always unite and return"

(Before LSD started UO, EQ, DAoC, SB, EQ2, WoW, or any of its other games, it was a guild of another game called NeverWinter Nights (NWN), an AD&D online game by SSI on AOL. As of April 19th 1997, NWN was terminated and LSD was drawn with a little problem. We no longer had a home or game to play in. We did not fall apart like other guilds much larger and powerful than us, but instead stuck it out to find another home. The first game we found was The Realm. We were unsuccessful in creating a guild there since it was not too welcoming to guilds. Parts I and II of this story were written while we were playing NWN, and are epilogues of the Lost Soldiers of Darkness and include the History of the Guild; thus, we kept them in the Charter).


About LSoD - General