BeastsWith the release of Patch 3.2 this past week, we have found ourselves at the doorsteps of yet another challenge. For this first week we faced off against the Beasts of Northrend in Blizzard's latest raid dungeon and we succeeded.

Since Blizzard is only releasing one new boss each week, we can't help but wonder what else awaits us. This first fight itself was neither grand nor drab, but more or else what it is in reality: Filler Content. The bright side though was watching Icehowl run into walls, a feeling many of us have become acustomed to in our efforts against Yogg.

Unfortunately Bizzard released 3.2 earlier than we had expected. On our last night pre 3.2 we were able to bring Yogg down to 13%. The next night 3.2 was in place and well, the results are in the picture. It was a pretty anti-climactic kill, at least for me especially after all the hard work we've put in. However, it was a well deserved kill nonetheless and congratulations to the Soldiers for two new kills in one night.



Patch 3.2 has already begun seeding. Anyone want to take bets on a release date? My money is still on middle August.


LSoD LogoHello everyone, welcome to the new LSoD website. Please feel free to navigate around the site and take a look around. We are still under heavy construction so bare with us as new features are added.

In the meantime Applying to our guild is fully working so if you are interested in joining us, click the Apply button above.

Also, our forums are fully functional with both WoWhead item tooltips and YouTube embedded videos. The forum structure however is still also a work in progress. In so far as what is still being planned for the new site, check out the Website News topic under the General folder on our forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop any one of us a line in game. For further questions regarding recruitment speak to Rolento.

Currently we are recruiting:
Priest24 1x Holy Priest

I love dumb horde
I love dumb horde

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 Hi everyone!

 Hopefully we'll get this site up and running faster than usual.

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As we move further into Cataclysm, our needs will change as will our recruitment.

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