Now that we have established our presence on Whisperwind, we are switching our focus to recruiting for our raid team.  ICC 11/12 Heroic 10man and 11/12 ICC 25man.  If you or someone you know is looking to get into full time, active raiding, please apply using the links above. Our recruitment needs at the moment are of the following classes:

Priests (Holy/Disc)
Paladins (Holy)
Druids (Resto)
Shamans (Resto)

Yes, looking for healers

As always, we do not turn away exceptional applications. The core of our guild goes back to the days when WoW was still in Alpha. If you feel you have what it takes to raid at a progressive level and are looking for a home with longevity in mind, we are the guild for you.

We transferred from Stormrage at the beginning of TBC to move from an over crowed and unbalanced server.  Blizzard offered us free transfers to Area 52, for the first year it was great.  A little horde heavy, but not to bad.  We could hold our own at Halaa, quick queue times for BG's, and was pretty even with raid progression for both factions.  Over the past couple years though with the influx of horde to the server and the outflow of alliance, Area 52 died for us.  With only a couple guilds able to field 25man teams it became all but impossible to keep filling our ranks with quality raiders.  Add in that Alliance, even with 15+ tenacity, couldn't win Wintergrasp but once a week and BG pug's were horrible, we knew that Area 52 for our guild was a dead end.  We stuck it out as long as we could, but in the end the only option we had left was to transfer to a new home.

We weren't looking for the server with the "top" alliance raid guilds.  Nor a server that was totally dominated by alliance.  But a server that had a good balance for some world PvP and a solid raiding base.  And that's where Whisperwind came in.  From our scouting, Whisperwind was the solution, has about 4 times the alliance population that Area 52 does and around 20  guilds that are full clearing 25man ToC and a handful that are making solid progress into ToGC.  Add in that Whisperwind also has a large horde population for some great world pvp that we've already been experiencing, even in the first couple days of being here we are already seeing new life flow into LSD!

Great job to all the Soldiers who showed up tonight and helped us get Iron Council and Hodir hard modes down.  This means we now have 4/9 so on to working on Thorim and of course Heroic ToC 25 as well.

Congrats to Tamur and Hyorii on their hard earned ilvl 239 loot.




Yes, I know, it's just cause our guild got updated first.  But still nice to see and I think only Elune, other then us, did kill him last night in the 25's.  I'm sure App will shortly if they didn't last night as well.

On to hard modes and then we'll see if we can keep up.

Ohh, and 822 world rank!!! (thanks to a late roll out with the EU servers and more then half the US servers no being up).


.... Trial of the Grand Crusader, here we come.

So after a handful of attempts on Anub'arak we killed the oversized bug from Starship Troopers and collected some pixelated shinies. Screenshot coming. The bright side to this boss was that he wasn't as much of a cake walk as the previous bosses were. It was actually quite the enjoyable encounter. Hats off to Blizzard for not failing on the last boss.

Grats to the Soldiers for a well deserved kill.

Even BIGGER GRATS to our new Gladiators!!!

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Current Recruitment

We are currently recruiting the following classes for progression content.


As we move further into Cataclysm, our needs will change as will our recruitment.

As of 11/17/10