The Lost Soldiers of Darkness handles raiding differently from what most people have experienced in other guilds. In keeping with the first rule of the guild, Real Life Comes First, we strive to maintain a consistent level of progression. Alongside this we strive to maintain a raiding environment that meets the needs of most if not all of our members.

To do so we have setup two specialized units for raiding called the Serpent Rider (SR) unit and the Order of the Shield (OS) unit. The SR unit is composed of the guild's members who put forth the time and effort necessary for raiding at the highest levels. With this comes certain requirements that each member must meet in order to be eligible for this unit. The OS unit is composed of the guild's members who wish to raid but at a more casual level. Whether a member has the time to commit, the resources necessary, or the mindset to constantly test their mettle, we successfully provide an environment that nurtures the member's needs.

For further information regarding the individual units, please use the links above to navigate to their pages.

Raid Schedule


ICC 25
8:30pm - 11:30pm Server (CST) Sunday, Monday

Raid Leaders


DKP (Modified Zero Sum) System

LSoD utilizes the Zero Sum DKP system with a few minor modifications. We have found that this system provides the most fair and unbiased method of loot distribution available. In essence, the more negative a person is in DKP, the less due for loot they are. The more positive a person is in DKP, the more due for loot they are.

DKP is earned based on the number of items looted and purchased upon boss kills. Items that are disenchanted reward no DKP. The sum of the DKP values of the items purchased is then divided by the sum of the members of the raid as well as those on standby. This way, members who are on standby for the evening and do not get an opportunity to raid will still receive the same amount of DKP as the members in the raid.

The modifications to this system include what is called the "Upgrade" rule as well as a base value of 20DKP for each raid night. If no bosses are killed, then all members in the raid and on standby will still receive 20 base DKP. The Upgrade rule comes into effect if and only if a person has already paid full price for an item of a particular slot within that raid tier. For example, Member A previously paid full price on a T8.5 Chest piece. At a later point in time another T8.5 Chest piece drops that Member A can utilize. This member is then eligible to call "Upgrade" on the item and only have to pay 20 DKP.

The caveats to the Upgrade rule are that a member must have paid full price on 2x rings, or 2x trinkets in order to be eligible for Upgrade for those slots. However, if a member has paid full price for a 2H weapon, they are then immediately eligible to call Upgrade on all subsequent 2Handed weapon drops or 2x 1Handed weapon drops and vice versa.

There can also be special circumstances where the raid leader may use DKP to motivate the raid team. Such times have occurred on specific boss fights where DKP would deducted from members who stand in fires or who constantly disobey instructions.