Raiding Serpent Riders Unit

Serpent Riders Unit

The Serpent Riders (SR) raid unit is composed of the guild's members who wish to progressively tackle current end game content. While some may call the SR unit the "hardcore" raiders of the guild, the modus operandi of the unit is more "Professional" in nature than "hardcore." As such, members of this unit are expected to play and handle themselves in a manner conducive to the team.

The team's purpose is to take gaming to the next level, not just to show up and game with friends. SR unit requires skill, quick thinking, and being able to adjust on the fly. Its strategies can and do change all the time as its members learn and progress. Current and potential members need to be able to remember and make those adjustments. It’s hard to see our personal flaws and it’s even harder to hear others tell us them. That will happen here and we need to understand we do it to improve, not to belittle or make fun of people. We try and do it in a light hearted, humorous manner. Other times we will be straight to the point. Either way, take the critique, learn from it, and grow.

SR unit members are expected to leave their personal feelings at the door and enter as a team. The dynamics of a group this size will always have some friction. We need to be mature enough to handle this and move forward as a team.


Maintaining Membership in the SR Unit:

Membership in the unit is a privilege. As such, maintaining your status as a member of the unit includes the following requirements:

  • Attendance, this is key to keeping up to date on boss tactics that the team employs as well as keeping gear on par with the level of difficulty of the boss. While being a member of the guild itself does not have attendance requirements, being a member of the SR unit does. Member of the SR are permitted to take extended time off for real life reasons. However, time away from the game in the length of several weeks to months is not acceptable. Your spot on the SR roster will then be replaced. Upon coming back to the game, you will need to work your way back into the team. Unit members are required to post their AFK dates on the forums.
  • The current SR standard is to maintain a 75% or better attendance rate over a 90 rolling time period. This attendance is based on 4 nights a week: Sunday, Monday, Tues, and Thursday. If you show up and are placed on standby, you will still receive Attendance and DKP credit.
  • Knowledge, this is key to maintaining steady progression in any raid environment. Members of the SR unit are required to do as much research as possible on current and upcoming boss fights. This research should include tactics, strategies, and any available videos of the boss fights. We will post our own adjustments to those strategies on the forums and discuss what is or isn’t working. If you have ideas or changes you think could help, use the boards to bring them up, not in the middle of the raid.
  • Prepared, this is key to putting your best foot forward when fighting bosses and trash. Members of the SR are expected to come to raids fully prepared with consumables applicable to their class and spec. Members are also expected to have their gear gemmed and enchanted with the best available item enhancements.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for joining the SR unit, members are required to meet 3 key criteria:

  • Active, in order to join the unit, you must first show that you actively play enough to raid with the unit. With attendance being key to steady progression, members who play sporadically can often slow progression.
  • Focus, the ability to put all jokes aside and really get down to business is key to maintaining a conducive raid environment. Members are expected to pay attention to instructions and know their roles for the fights.
  • Performance, arguably the most key factor in determining membership in the SR unit is a member's performance. Each boss fight has its own set of requirements for level of play. Members who wish to raid with the SR are expected to perform well enough to meet those requirements or exceed them.